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Time Commitment: 3-6 months

Age Requirement: 18 years or older

FALL – August 15
WINTER – December 15
SPRING – March 1
SUMMER – May 20

Internship Description:
This is a site based marine education internship at the Back Bay Science Center (BBSC). Interns will require some knowledge and experience in the following subjects: identification, ecology of local bay and intertidal marine life, and basic life support system maintenance. Interns will assist BBSC staff with regular facility maintenance, preparation and clean-up for educational programs, and occasional educational interactions with teachers and students. This position requires some physical labor for setting up, putting away educational tools and materials, and regular maintenance duties. BBSC runs a variety of educational programs depending on the season which means internship responsibilities will also vary.

The following is a general list of duties by season:
FALL – regular facility maintenance, MLI support
WINTER – regular facility maintenance, MLI support, educational programs support (set up, clean up, and flow)
SPRING – regular facility maintenance, MLI support, educational programs support (set up, clean up, and flow)
SUMMER – regular facility maintenance, MLI and Shark Camp support, occasional summer camp support (interpret, flow of summer camp tours)

Skills Required:  Interns should be able and willing to get wet and dirty and are encouraged to work on a project that will benefit the facility in some way. If accepted into the program, our staff will work with you to fit your interests with our needs. Interns will be trained about the flora and fauna, activities and programs at the BBSC. Most programs require some physical labor.

  • Ability to lift at least 40 lbs
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Willingness to get wet and muddy
  • Ability to work independently as well as with a team
  • Ability to take initiative and be reliable
  • Interest in working with students ranging from 4th grade to college level
  • Interest and willingness to work with and handle marine animals
  • Enthusiasm and passion for environmental conservation and preservation
  • Basic knowledge of Southern California marine life preferred
  • Experience with husbandry a plus
  • Marine science background preferred but not required

If interested and qualified, please fill out an application and send a resume to Be sure to list any relevant experience or knowledge.