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The Back Bay Science Center (BBSC) provides estuarine-themed education activities designed for 7th-12th grade students. Our goal is to create hands-on learning experiences for students, while utilizing our magnificent outdoor learning environment at Upper Newport Bay and teaching facilities at the BBSC! The activities have been tailored to compliment classroom instruction by incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards. Below we have made available the "at-a-glance" version of the activities.

If you would like to bring your class to the BBSC for a field trip, please see our Facility Use page for the application process and deadlines.

Facility Usage and Request

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At-Home Lessons

   Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve: An interactive eductional Exploration for grades 8-Adult (NEW!)

Citizen Science project: Invader ID Connecting Citizen Science and Research on Fouling Organisms and Invasive Species in our Bays (8-college) (NEW!) (259.5 KB)

Harmful Algal Bloom At Home Lesson (NEW!)

California Biodiversity: an interactive online lesson for ages 15+

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Food Chain Fortune Teller

Here is a fun craft to explore more about our food chains and habitats here at Upper Newport Back Bay All you need is something to draw with and some scissors.

Download the template and follow instructions (.pdf): Food Chain Fortune

Use this YouTube link for video instructions on folding: Food Chain Fortune "Video" Instructions


Field Trip Activity Options:

Grades 7-12

Bird Identification (260.4 KB)

Wetlands Soil (412.1 KB)

Plankton Sampling and Identification (239.2 KB)

Fish Adaptations (254.6 KB)

Mudflat Invertebrates (229.7 KB)

Tide Pool Population Sampling (270.5 KB)

Water Quality (293.2 KB)

Watersheds and Water Sources (284.3 KB)

Grade 8-College

Harmful Algal Blooms (287.3 KB)

Ocean Acidification (371.9 KB)

Invasive Species (238.9 KB)

Salt Marsh Plant Identification (267.9 KB)