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The Back Bay Science Center (BBSC) is introducing 12 estuarine-themed categories comprised of individual education activities designed for 7th-12th grade students. Thus far, there is at least one activity within each theme. As programs grow, so will the number of activities. The activities will primarily be used during our school field trips. Our goal is to create hands-on learning experiences for students, while utilizing our magnificent outdoor learning environment at Upper Newport Bay and teaching facilities at the BBSC! The activities have been tailored to compliment classroom instruction by incorporating State Standards. Below we have made available the "at-a-glance" version of the activities.

Bird Populations (360.8 KB)

Eelgrass Studies and Restoration (441.0 KB)

Fish Population (519.2 KB)

Marine Debris and Plastics (371.8 KB)

Mudflats and Invertebrates (358.8 KB)

Ocean Acidification (506.1 KB)

Plankton (363.8 KB)

Plants (355.0 KB)

Rocky Intertidal (421.3 KB)

Water Quality (363.0 KB)

Watershed and Urban Runoff (366.0 KB)

Wetland Functions (355.3 KB)

We welcome teacher feedback and we invite educators to take part in our field trips. If you would like to bring your class to the BBSC for a field trip, please see our Facility Usage page below for the application process and deadlines

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MLI Database

Marine Life Inventory 2015 (1.9 MB)

Marine Life Inventory 2014 (2.0 MB)

Marine Life Inventory 2013 (393.0 KB)

Marine Life Inventory 2012 (398.0 KB)

Marine Life Inventory 2010 (319.0 KB)

Marine Life Inventory 2009 (426.5 KB)

Marine Life Inventory 2008 (416.0 KB)

Marine Life Inventory 2007 (411.0 KB)

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